500ADAT ADAT Expander & 8-slot 500 Series Rack
  • 8 Channel A/D-D/A converter
    • 8-in/8-out @ 44.1kHz - 48kHz
    • 8-in/8-out @ 88.2kHz - 96kHz
    • 4-in/4-out @ 176.4 - 192kHZ

  • High-performance A/D-D/A conversion
    • Dynamic Range: 121dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Frequency Response: -1dB, 2.2Hz to >80kHz
    • THD+N: <0.00032% (-110dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted
    • Max I/O Level: +24dBu
  • Master reference-quality internal clock
    • Capable of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz operation
    • <0.5ps of jitter
    • Dedicated Word Clock Input and Output via BNC
    • External sync options using Word Clock BNC or ADAT
  • Analogue summing mixer
    • 8-into-2 analogue summing mixer with +26.5dBu of headroom and balanced 1/4" jack outputs
    • C.A.S.T. link port for increasing summing mixer to 16-into-2 using Cranborne Audio 500ADAT
  • Zero-latency artist mixer 
    • Zero-latency analogue artist mixer with physical level/pan controls per channel and aux input blend controls
    • 2 high-power headphone outputs with independent blend and level controls
  • Reference-Quality Headphone Outputs
    • THD+N: <0.0006% (-104.4dB) @ 20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300ohm load
    • Output Wattage (1kHz): 250mW x 2 @ 600 ohms, 650mW x 2 @ 220 ohms, 1.21W x 2 @ 100 ohms, 500mW x 2 @ 32 ohms
    • Frequency Response: 1dB, <1Hz to >70kHz
  • High-current 8-slot 500 series rack
    • 250mA current per-slot with 2A total for all slots
    • XLR inputs, XLR line outputs, and TRS Inserts (pre-ADC) per 500 series slot
    • Module source switching options to send Analogue, USB or external C.A.S.T. signals through your favourite 500 series modules
    • Module bypass switches per-slot allowing 500ADAT to be used without 500 series modules inserted. 
  • C.A.S.T. Compatible
    • C.A.S.T. ports per channel for relocating analogue I/O around studio using passive or active C.A.S.T. breakout boxes via standard shielded Cat 5
  • 24v, 5a external locking power supply
    • External power supply for improved analogue audio performance and heat dissipation.
  • Designed and Engineered in the UK
    • Each and every 500ADAT is extensively tested by a team of dedicated engineers to ensure reliability and consistency.

All specifications are typical performance unless otherwise noted. All specifications are subject to change at any time. Tested with Audio Precision APx555 at 192 kHz internal sample rate and internal clock. HF response of digital measurements will vary depending on sample rate selected during recording.

Digital Performance

A/D Conversion

Test Signal Path

XLR Input - 500 Series A/D Converter - APx555 (ASIO)

Frequency Response

-1dB, 2.2Hz to >80kHz


-0.05dB, 20Hz to 20kHz


<0.00032% (-110dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.00065% (-104dB) @ -1dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.00014% (-117.5dB) @ -8dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.00023% (-113dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.0006% (-105dB) @ -1dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted

Dynamic Range

121dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz

Max Input Level


D/A Conversion

Test Signal Path

500 Series D/A Converter - Insert Send - APx555 (ASIO)

Frequency Response

-1dB, <1Hz to >61kHz


-0.05dB, 20Hz to 20kHz


<0.0003% (-110.5dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.0004% (-108dB) @ -1dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.00014% (-117.5dB) @ -8dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.00018% (-115dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


<0.00036% (-109dB) @ -1dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted

Dynamic Range

121dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz

Max Output Level





Analogue Performance

Line Outputs (Aux 1+2, Mix)

Test Signal Path

Aux Input - Line Outputs - APx555 (Line In)

Connection Type

1/4" Jack, Impedance Balanced

Output Impedance

150ohm balanced, 75ohm unbalanced

Max Output Level


Freq Response

-1dB, 1.4Hz to >80kHz


<0.003% @ +18dBu, 1kHz

Dynamic Range

105dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz

Noise Floor

<-93dBu A-weighted, 20Hz - 20kHz, (Unity Gain)

Summing Mixer

Test Signal Path

XLR Input - Summing Mixer Bus (Unity) - Mix Output - APx555 (Line In)

Freq Response

-1dB, 2.25Hz to >80kHz


-3dB, 1.2Hz


-0.5dB, 3Hz


<0.0007% @ +23dBu (-1dBFS), 1kHz


<0.0003% @ +14dBu (-10dBFS), 1kHz


<0.0004% @ +20dBu (-4dBFS), 1kHz


<0.00055% @ +23dBu (-1dBFS), 1kHz

Dynamic Range

108dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz

Noise Floor (A/D 9-10)

-108dBFS A-weighted, 20Hz - 20kHz

Max Contribution Level


Pan Law


Noise Floor (Mix Output)

-90dBu, A-weighted, No channels routed


-89.5dBu, A-weighted, 1 channel routed (Unity)


-84dBu, A-weighted, 8 channels routed (Unity)

Headphone Amp

Test Signal Path

Aux Input - Headphone Output - APx555 (Line In)

Frequency Response

-1dB, <1Hz to >70kHz


<0.0006% (-104.4dB) @ 20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300ohm load


<0.00085% (-101.4dB) @ 20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300ohm load

Output Impedance

0.33 Ohms

Output Wattage

250mW x 2 @ 600 ohms, 1kHz


650mW x 2 @ 220 ohms, 1kHz


1.21W x 2 @ 100 ohms, 1kHz


500mW x 2 @ 32 ohms, 1kHz

Dynamic Range

114.5dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz, 300ohm load

Noise Floor

-93.5dBu A-weighted, 20Hz - 20kHz, 300ohm load

System Performance

Analogue Path Phase Performance

Test Signal Path

XLR Input - Empty 500 Series Slot - Summing Mixer Bus (unity) - Mix Output - APx555 (Line In)


<1.5° @ 20Hz, <11° @ 20kHz

Test Signal Path

XLR Input - Camden 500 Preamp (Mic Mode, 6dB Gain) - Summing Mixer Bus (unity) - Speaker A Output - APx555 (Line In)


<3° @ 20Hz, <13.5° @ 20kHz (Preamp mic mode, 6dB Gain)

Digital Round-trip Performance

Test Signal Path

500 Series D/A Converter - 500 Series A/D Converter - APx555 (ASIO)

Dynamic Range

118dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz


<0.0004% (-108dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted


AC Requirements

100V – 240V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

Total Power Consumption

24v, 5A DC, 120w

500 Series Slot Current

250mA per rail

Total Available 500 Series Slot Current



Operating Temperature

+1 to 30 degrees Celsius

Storage Conditions

-20 to 50 degrees Celsius




481mm(19"), Rackmount


185mm(7"), 4u



Unit Weight


Shipping Carton










Expand your studio. Expand your sound.

500ADAT is home to 8 of your favourite 500 series modules. It's also an 8in/8out ADAT expander, analogue summing mixer, and artist mixer. It expands the I/O of any ADAT-equipped audio interface.

ADAT Simplicity

Connect 500ADAT to any ADAT Equipped audio interface and expand your available inputs and outputs by 8. Get more out of your current audio interface by using tried, tested, and reliable ADAT.
500 Series Possibilities
500ADAT combines a high-current 8-slot 500 series chassis with digital conversion and ADAT - a powerful and accessible way to get your favourite 500 series modules into your tracking and mixing digital workflow.

Unlock Your Audio Interface's Untapped Potential With 500ADAT.

Your audio interface could have 8 extra recording and playback channels waiting to be used! It's called ADAT and it's the perfect way to expand your current audio interface.

Audio interfaces from major manufactures such as Universal Audio®, Focusrite®and Audient® feature ADAT/Optical connectivity on their rear panel connections.

Simply connect 500ADAT to those unused ADAT ports and unlock the full potential of your audio interface.

Read More

Universal Audio Apollo X4 and 500ADAT


Audient ID44 and 500ADAT


Focusrite Clarett 4 pe and 500ADAT



“In short, in the 500ADAT Cranborne have again delivered remarkable quality at a truly competitive price, while also plugging a long-standing gap in the market.”

“Cons: None

“To get close to a comparable system, you'd need to budget for a decent stand-alone bidirectional converter… an eight-slot rack and a summing mixer... You still wouldn't have all the features of the 500ADAT, and it would cost much more..."

- Matt Houghton, SOS Nov 2019


Read More

Universal Audio Apollo and 500ADAT

ADAT And Beyond

500ADAT features analogue essentials that unite digital and analogue production workflows such as an 8-into-2 analogue summing mixer, Zero-latency artist mixer with 2 reference-quality headphone outputs, and true ADAT & SMUXII/IV transmission to enable operation at sample rates up to 192kHz


Transform your ADAT-equipped audio interface into an analogue powerhouse by adding  8 channels of expansion at up to 96kHz or 4 channels of expansion at 192kHz.

Zero-Latency Artist Mixer

Get your hands back onto the mix by using 500ADAT's two aux busses to create pristine-sounding analogue artist mixes that can be blended with DAW playback, and sent to your musicians with zero-latency.

Seriously High-Powered Headphone Amps

Drive your headphones with 500ADAT's reference-quality headphone amplifier with enough power to drive low-impedance headphones with plenty of headroom and a linear frequency response to below 1Hz.   

Discrete Summing Mixer

Give your mix the final bit of analogue character and send instrument groups and stems back-through your 500 series modules and into the discrete analogue summing mixer to be sent back into your DAW.

500ADAT rear panel

World-Class Conversion & Clocking

To make your 500 series modules shine on your digital recordings, our conversion had to be best-in-class. We squeezed every possible .1dB of performance out of 500ADAT's converters to ensure that the only thing colouring your recordings are your mic placements, mixing decisions, and choice of 500 series modules.

Dynamic Range:
121dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz

Frequency Response:
-1dB, 2.2Hz to >80kHz

<0.00032% (-110dB) @ -4dBFS, 20Hz - 40kHz, 1kHz, A-weighted

Clock Jitter:
<0.5 Picoseconds

500ADAT front

Deep 500 Series Integration

Configurable Front End
Mix and match your 500 series modules to find the best combinations during recording, and mixing to help create your own signature, analogue sound.

Source Select
Re-patch your 500ADAT at a flick of a switch. Dedicated source select switches for each 500 series slot adjusts the signal routing to send Analogue, C.A.S.T. or USB sources through each your modules.

Enough I/O For Any Hardware
500ADAT to integrates with all of your analogue/digital hardware. Patch in 500ADAT with your own converter or integrate your 19" rack gear with dedicated TRS insert jacks per slot.

No Modules? No Problem
Bypass unused 500 series slots using 500ADAT's dedicated slot-bypass switch and you can use all of the available analogue paths for recording whilst you continue to build your 500 series collection.

500R8 and 500ADAT

Ready For More?

When you want more 500 series connectivity, you can use up to two 500ADATs with some interfaces or pair 500ADAT with our 500R8. Connect 500R8 and 500ADAT together via ADAT and now you have 16 channels of 500 series modules to work with. during recording and mixing. Whilst 500ADAT offers the same performance as 500R8, any 3rd party ADAT expander is also compatible.

More Recording Channels
Record up to 16 channels directly through independent 500 series modules and directly into your DAW for processing. 

More Summing Channels
Play back instrument groups/stems into all 16 available 500 series slots for summing using our C.A.S.T. link connector.

CAST connectors

C.A.S.T. Away

Fitted with our C.A.S.T. system, 500ADAT casts-away excess cabling spaghetti and offers a cost-effective, low-maintenance, plug-and-play solution by transporting 4 channels of balanced, analogue audio over shielded cat 5 cable directly to the location where it is needed in your studio.

Receive Audio From C.A.S.T.
Connect 500ADAT to our N22/N22H breakout boxes using shielded cat 5 cable and now you can send mic/line sources through 100m of Cat 5 cable and directly into 500ADAT's module inputs.



Transmit Audio To C.A.S.T.
Through that same cat 5 connection, you can transport 500ADAT's monitor mix (with Talkback included) through C.A.S.T. and directly to the musician at the other end zero-latency analogue monitoring.



Home Grown Designed and Engineered In The UK

Housed in a 4U, 19" rack mountable steel frame, 500ADAT lends it self perfectly to mobile recording setups. We tried to think of everything, even the rack ears support three unique mounting methods. You can recess 500R8 into the rack to protect the front panel controls during travel; you can also take those same rack ears and re-orientate them to become a carry handle.

Home Grown
500ADAT is designed and engineered in the UK and every unit that leaves our factory is thoroughly tested to provide years of trouble-free and dependable service.

Built And Designed With Passion
We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t compromise. We don’t accept “good enough.” We’re just like you. We’re musicians. We’re audio engineers. 500ADAT is a product we're very proud of, and we hope you will be too.

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