Cranborne Audio N22H Hero Headphone Amp And C.A.S.T. Breakout Box


Headphone Amplifier, Cat 5 Snake,
and C.A.S.T Breakout Box

Headphone Monitoring Made Easy

N22H is a standalone reference-quality headphone amplifier, a cable management system, and an advanced headphone distribution system.

Deployable Headphone Amps via Cat 5

N22H is a headphone amp that can be deployed exactly where it is needed - right beside the musician, using a single Cat 5 cable.

Paired with another C.A.S.T. enabled product via Cat 5, N22H can transmit 2 mic/line signals into the connected device for processing whilst simultaneously receiving a stereo monitor mix directly into it's reference-quality headphone output.


Standalone Reference-Quality Amplification
Featuring the same low-distortion, high-current amplifier design developed for our 500R8 Audio Interface, N22H is a palm-sized monitoring tool for musicians and engineers looking for reference-quality headphone amplification for studio or stage.
Switch the Source switch to 'In 1&2' and now line sources connected to N22H's inputs are sent directly into the headphone amp for standalone, portable, and powerful headphone amplification.


Put simply, C.A.S.T. replaces 4 balanced XLR cables with 1 Cat 5 cable.

C.A.S.T (Cat 5 Analogue Signal Transport) repurposes the internal copper wiring of a shielded Cat 5 cable to transmit 4 channels of balanced analogue audio over distances of up to 100m. 

We developed C.A.S.T. to enable us to provide the perfect platform for distributing audio around studios or stages whilst reducing cable clutter, improving sonic performance, reducing costs, and increasing the flexibility of any audio distribution setup.

We're using C.A.S.T. to transform messy cable spaghetti into neat, tidy, and inspiring works of cabling art.

500r8 with 4 n22 CAST breakout boxes

Wiring Diagrams


Advanced C.A.S.T. Expander

Connect N22H into 500R8's or 500ADAT's C.A.S.T. Input connectors and then mic/line sources connected to N22H’s inputs are sent directly to the interface's inputs ready for recording via C.A.S.T. Meanwhile, a stereo monitor mix generated by 500R8/500ADAT is carried down the same C.A.S.T connection and directly into N22H’s high-powered headphone amplifier and dual ¼” jack line outputs for zero-latency analogue monitoring.


Standalone Cat5 Snake

Replace cumbersome and expensive analogue multicore systems by using N22H in conjunction with N22 to send and receive balanced analogue audio between two locations. Connect N22H with your current audio interface and distribute audio into the vocal booth, into the live room, or temporarily into the hallway using a single Cat 5 cable.

Standalone Reference-Quality Headphone Amplifier

Featuring the same reference-quality, high-current design that can be found on our flagship 500R8, N22H's headphone amplifier is a crucial tool for engineers looking to really drive their headphones. 

Simply switch N22H's source selector from "C.A.S.T" to “In 1&2” and now line input sources connected to it's inputs are amplified directly by headphone amplifier - No C.A.S.T. required.

N22H standalone headphone amplifierWith 0.33 Ohm output impedance, up to 500mA of power per ear, and low-distortion (THD = 0.0003%, 1kHz) signal path, N22H’s headphone amp provides clean amplification with enough volume to drive any set of headphones. It can also be powered using a 9v battery or an external 9v power supply.

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N22H Library

Key Features

∙ Two combi jack inputs

∙ Two 1/4” jack outputs

∙ 1/4” & 1/8” headphone outputs

∙ Reference-quality, high power headphone amp with level control

◦ Freq. Response: <±1dB, <5 Hz to >100 kHz
◦ Output Impedance: 0.33 Ohms 
◦ THD: 0.0003%, 1kHz
◦ Output Wattage: 2x250mW @ 600 ohm, 2x450mW @ 220 ohm, 2x250mW @ 100 ohm

∙ Headphone amplifier "Source" switch for C.A.S.T or standalone operation

∙ Mono/Stereo width switch for headphone output

∙ 9v battery compartment

◦ ~5 hours running time, low impedance headphones, max volume
◦ 12+ hours running time, high impedance IEM earbuds, max volume

∙ C.A.S.T IN RRTT Port


∙ Advanced connectivity with 500R8, 500ADAT, and Camden EC2

∙ Cat5 snake connectivity with an N22 or a second N22H

∙ Standard 9v DC pedalboard-style power supply input (not included)

∙ Completely passive operation when headphone amp not required

∙ Compatible with any shielded Cat5 cable with distances up to 100m

∙ Improved crosstalk performance with Cat 6e and Cat7

∙ Ruggedised metal enclosure

∙ Fixing holes for permanent installation

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