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At Cranborne Audio, our tagline is “A Modern Approach To Vintage Sound”. We design professional audio equipment for project, large format, and home studios - so you can get that sound.
A Modern Approach To Vintage Sound encapsulates our approach to the modern demands of the recording studio. We believe in modern workflows, modern components, and modern ideas whilst capturing the essence of our favourite eras of recordings and the audio gear used to create them.

Meet The Team

Cranborne Audio represents a commitment by four product designers to build an audio brand that does things the right way. We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t compromise. We don’t accept “good enough.”
We’re just like you. We’re musicians. We’re audio engineers. 
We make products that we want to use to make music. We create, innovate, and design with passion, purpose, and belief. We strive to design products that remain accessible whilst offering the highest quality and truly innovative new ways of working and achieving that sound that we all desire.
Here’s what we each bring to the band:

Sean Karpowicz

Managing Director

Sean is the, shall we say, “vocal” one… His voice was the inspiration for the Cranborne Audio logo with the sound wave pattern. Seriously, he’s loud.
Sean has been playing music most of his life and has been a recording and live sound engineer for more than 15 years. His experience with music and audio evolved and led him to designing audio products at leading audio manufacturers. To date, Sean has designed several award-winning audio products including mixing consoles, recording interfaces, microphones, and more.

Sean founded Cranborne Audio with the intention to make truly innovative audio gear with the best minds and talents he knew. Sean pulls the strings and herds the cats whilst encouraging and nurturing the Cranborne Audio team to make truly groundbreaking, inspirational products.


Edward Holmes

Director of Engineering

Ed is the mad genius of Cranborne Audio. With an emphasis on mad.
An electronics engineer by trade, Ed applied his knowledge and learned the dark arts of analogue and digital audio, where terms such as “sheen”, “bite”, “punch”, and countless other terms are considered enough of a spec to design an audio circuit… By approaching problems from an engineering perspective with a passion for audio rather than as an audio guy who “picked up” some electronics ability, Ed has the ability to design the most advanced audio circuits in the world.
For Ed, “good enough” is never good enough. And with Cranborne Audio he never has to take shortcuts nor make sacrifices. Ed gets to design the type of gear he wants to use with the performance he expects. No exceptions.


Andrew Pat

Creative Director

Andy is the “creative” of the team. That means he likes to drink loads of coffee, loves things like “moodboards”, and has pictures of concept cars all over his workspace.
Andy has had a prolific career in industrial design and is responsible for designing products for some of the world’s leading brands. He found himself attracted to audio hardware because of its quirky, niche, fun nature that has probably the most passionate user base of any industry. Andy thrives on passion and fun, and this is the reason he has been able to design so many sexy and sleek award-winning audio products.
Andy joined the Cranborne Audio team for the chance to build a brand from the ground-up that did fun, engaging visual and mechanical designs from day one. Andy has been able to craft a brand image and feel that is uncompromising and completely reflects his and the team’s mood, feeling, and belief.


Elliott Thomas

Product Manager

Elliott is the talent. Seriously though, watch him play guitar. He’s unreal.
Elliott is effectively the ultimate Cranborne Audio end user. He’s a musician. He tracks and mixes his own and others’ music. He does live sound. And he does all of it on a limited budget whilst achieving fantastic, truly professional results. But Elliott has also been in the Pro Audio industry for some time as a Product Specialist. He has learned the ins and outs and all the foibles of countless audio products. And he knows that most of those foibles shouldn’t exist…
Elliott joined Cranborne Audio with this in mind - to do things properly. But also, we think he just wants to make kit that he can put in his studio… And fair enough really, as that’s what it should be about…

"We make products that we want to use to make music. We create, innovate, and design with passion, purpose, and belief. "

Sean Karpowicz

Managing Director, Co-Founder




For the MPG awards special edition of Headliner Magazine, we sat down with our good friend Paul Watson to chat about why we do what we do, and why we are setting out to "Break The Mould" of the audio industry.

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