Vintage Wallpaper

Blanking Plates For 500 Series

Who said blanking plates need to be blank?
Vintage Wallpaper from Cranborne Audio are two 500 series blanking plates in one package, ready for papering across empty slots on any 500 series rack.
Inspired by Victorian & Edwardian wallpaper commonly found in British living rooms for decades - each plate features the Cranborne Audio crest aligned to form a pattern across all blanking plates to create a large wallpaper-style image across empty slots on any 500 series racks.
Cranborne Audio Family Crest
There’s more to the crest than meets the eye too. Each symbol in the design represents a different member of the Cranborne Audio team.

Shipping in a pack of two, there is no more British way to cover up and protect those unsightly empty slots on your Cranborne Audio 500 series rack, or indeed any 500 series rack.
(Note: Rack screws not included)

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