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How Clean Is Camden EC2?

'The best', 'most detailed', 'most transparent', 'most authentic'.... are you fed up of seeing these unsubstantiated statements thrown around by audio brands? We certainly are!

Well, we believe we genuinely have the cleanest and most transparent preamp on the market. And we can prove it.

But is it cleaner than the Neumann V402, Grace Design M201, or Millennia HV-3C?

We think so. In fact we think it's cleaner! Let us explain...

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Unlock Your Audio Interface With 500ADAT

Did you know your audio interface could have 8 extra recording and playback channels sitting there, waiting to be used in your studio? It's called ADAT and it's the perfect way to expand your current audio interface.

In this blog post, discover how 500ADAT allows you to get more from your current audio interface.

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[Video] 500R8 Quick Tutorial | Using Insert Points To Integrate Outboard Effects

500R8 is a standalone, fully-featured USB audio interface that happens to have 500 series processing available. However if you want to use other outboard effects, 500R8's insert points are the perfect way to integrate them into your studio. . In this video tutorial, Elliott walks us through how we can use the insert points and a Y-split, insert cable to integrate outboard effects into your DAW.

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[Video] 500R8 Quick Tutorial | Using 500R8 Without 500 Series Modules

500R8 is a standalone, fully-featured USB audio interface that happens to have 500 series processing available. However if you are yet to invest into the 500 series format or want to save up before acquiring more modules, all of 500R8's analogue channels can be recorded without ANY modules installed by using the slot bypass switches. In this video tutorial, Elliott walks us through how we can use the slot bypass switches to record and sum audio tracks to and from the DAW.

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[Video] 500R8 Quick Tutorial | How To Insert 500 Series Modules Into A DAW session

500R8 makes integrating 500 series modules into your DAW session easier than ever thanks to its built-in USB audio interface. But how exactly can you integrate your modules into your DAW session?In this video, Elliott walks us through the process for using the hardware insert functionality with 500R8 and your DAW.

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What Are The Differences Between 500R8 & 500ADAT

500R8 and 500ADAT - two revolutionary 500 series racks featuring elite-quality AD/DA conversion, ultra low-jitter clocking, summing mixers, and reference headphone amplifiers built-in to their 4U frames. But how do they differ? Which one is right for you?
In this blog, our friends at Sound Technology lay out the differences between the racks to help you decide which one works best in your studio!

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Introduction To Mojo

Camden 500 was designed to capture sources with the utmost detail and precision to reveal the true and unaltered nature of your microphone and source. But for those moments when that vintage colour is required, Camden 500 has a trick up its sleeve - Mojo. But why did we develop Mojo? How did we make it work? What does it sound like? - let’s find out!

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Why is Camden 500 transformerless?

Transformer-based preamps are great when you want to get that flavour and thickening. And different brands' transformer-based designs will have signature flavours and sounds... "Neve' vs. "API" vs "Trident"... And transformers are a huge part of this. But the "cleanest" and most linear preamps by the numbers are transformerless mic preamps...

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How do we do it for the price?

The "how can you possibly do it for the price?!" comment is something we get a lot and has generally been the same reaction we have generated with other products in our portfolio too. The absolute truth is that we aren't cutting any corners. I know i know, that's what they all say, but let me explain...

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