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Reference-Grade Headphone Amplifier with C.A.S.T.

Upgrade Your Audio Interface

With The Acclaimed And Multi Award Winning "Camden" Sound

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500 Series Reimagined


Two 500-series racks, designed to integrate into your studio in two ways. Which way suits you?

"I like my audio interface, but I want to integrate 500-series into my setup"500ADAT_Front_JPEG_72dpi_WhiteBG

500ADAT expands your audio interface with eight 500 series slots, analogue summing, and mixing facilities using ADAT.

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"I'm looking for a new audio interface at the centre of my studio"500R8_Front_JPEG_72dpi_WhiteBG

500R8 is a complete, standalone audio interface for PC/Mac and enables 28/30 channels of recording directly into your DAW.

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500R8 Reviewed In Sound On Sound

"...500R8 measures extremely well... easily on a par with the best standard USB interfaces currently on the market."

"it’s a top-notch audio interface, a capable 500-series host chassis, an expandable analogue summing mixer, and more besides”

"...they have a right to be very proud of this flagship product."

"The bottom line is that this melting-pot of an interface is a genuine triumph"


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Welcome to cranborne audio
Welcome to Cranborne Audio
Meet the team...
Camden 500 by the numbers
Camden 500 By The Numbers
Deep-dive into Camden 500's tech specs
500ADAT Quick Overview
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