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Camden 500 Reviews

"It would be easy to assume that this is a boutique preamp with a price tag to match. You would be right about the quality, but wrong about the price, as the Camden 500 boasts a street price of only $349."

"Thump can add subtle weight, or brute force when pushed to full, and on synths, bass guitar, kick, snare, and toms I find it quite addictive for adding weight without the sound getting muddy or taking up too much space in a mix."

"While priced like an entry-level preamp, sonically this is a serious powerhouse of a box that goes toe to toe with preamps costing three times its price, and I do not say that lightly."

"I have no idea how the Cranborne folks built a box with this much quality and did it domestically at this price point, but color me impressed."

Paul Vnuk Jr
Recording Magazine
"I liked the sound of the Camden 500's transparent preamp. As compared to another transformerless transparent-style preamp, the Camden 500 did indeed sound very natural."

"As you crank the Mojo knob clockwise, the effect gets obvious. Aside from the subtle transformer emulation, it starts adding a good deal of additional harmonic content below 100 Hz. I found that this works wonders on low frequency sources such as kick drum or bass guitar. In this case, I could dial in an incredible low end on the kick, without it sounding synthetic or out of place.
"So, the next time someone with a limited budget asks what preamps they should buy first, you'll have a really good answer. I don't know another product with this range of versatility anywhere near the Camden 500's price point."
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Kirt Shearer
Tape Op Magazine
"...when I discovered the switched gain control I was smitten. But after listening to it and experimenting with the Mojo facility, I was completely sold."
"There are far too many preamps to mention even in the 500 series alone, but few are this well built or designed, few sound this clean and quiet, and very few have this much sonic versatility."

"In short, this is how I’d design and build a quality preamp!"
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Hugh Robjohns
Sound On Sound

"I was struck by how clean the gain was at very high gain settings. But the kit sounded especially ‘big’ when a bit of Thump was introduced. I was soon tempted to crank the MOJO full up for a big warm Bonham-like sound, and we were rocking."  

"...If you want a top class flexible preamp and enhancer you’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative at any price"  

"The 1.5 Megohms Hi-Z input seemed to have a touch more natural openness than rival preamps, and the integrity of the signal is unquestionable"

"The designers set out to emulate the effects of valves and transformers, and what they have achieved is truly remarkable — it would be easy to believe that Cream is a flavour of valve ‘overdrive’. "

George Shilling

"First thoughts: this is a very quiet unit and it’s somehow brought more top end out in the vocal. We A/B it with Jack’s lead vocal (recorded 5047 direct into the Babyface Pro, no Camden), and realise it’s also added warmth to the sound. Impressive. But I get the feeling we’re only scratching the surface."

"...we decide to turn it up to 11 [mojo], just to see what it can do. And my word, what a difference. On playback, with Mojo at absolute max, there is suddenly this smoothness and thickness that we haven’t yet experienced in The Hub - could this be ‘analogue warmth’, perhaps?!"

Paul Watson
Headliner Magazine

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8/8 ADAT Expander



ADAT Expander with built-in 8-slot 500 Series rack, high-performance A/D Conversion, and discrete analogue summing mixer.

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28/30 USB Audio Interface



28in/30out channel USB audio interface, monitor controller, discrete analogue summing mixer, and 8-slot 500 series rack.

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500 Series Preamp And Signal Processor


Camden 500

Astoundingly clean, linear, and precise 500 series preamp with Mojo - a custom variable analogue saturation circuit.

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Welcome to Cranborne Audio
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Camden 500 by the numbers
Camden 500 By The Numbers
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