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"...when I discovered the switched gain control I was smitten. But after listening to it and experimenting with the Mojo facility, I was completely sold."
"There are far too many preamps to mention even in the 500 series alone, but few are this well built or designed, few sound this clean and quiet, and very few have this much sonic versatility."
"In short, this is how I’d design and build a quality preamp!"
- Hugh Robjohns
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We make products that we want to use. We create, innovate, and design with passion, purpose, and belief. We strive to design products that remain accessible whilst offering the highest quality and truly innovative new ways of working and achieving that sound that we all desire.



ADAT Expander with built-in 8-slot 500 Series rack, high-performance A/D Conversion, and discrete analogue summing mixer.

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28in/30out channel USB audio interface, monitor controller, discrete analogue summing mixer, and 8-slot 500 series rack.

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Camden 500

Astoundingly clean, linear, and precise 500 series preamp with Mojo - a custom variable analogue saturation circuit.

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Welcome to cranborne audio
Welcome to Cranborne Audio
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Camden 500 by the numbers
Camden 500 By The Numbers
Deep-dive into Camden 500's tech specs
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SOS NAMM Show Report
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