"We believe that the best analogue preamps are yet to be designed. Rather than enjoy the sonic results of a legacy circuit but learn to live with the drawbacks, we believe in designs that utilise modern components, circuitry and manufacturing techniques to achieve that ‘vintage’ sound that all musicians and engineers (including ourselves) desire."

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Clean, Precise and Natural

By using unique components in unique ways, the Camden 500 redefines the term ‘linear’ in respect to phase and frequency response.

The Camden 500 provides the utmost clarity and detail when it is most required. The 'secret sauce' in our front-end stages ensures that the entire frequency spectrum arrives at your recorder at the same volume and at the same time with less than 1° phase shift from 50Hz to 20kHz and a frequency response of ±0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz. Our noise performance of less than 0.001% THD @ max gain, 0.00002% THD @ 30dB of Gain, and 128.9dB EIN (150 ohm Load, unweighted) ensures that your instruments receive the cleanest and most transparent sounding front end that you've ever heard.


MOJO Discrete Analogue Saturation

By objectively measuring the characteristics of transformers and other gear, we have painstakingly developed our own MOJO saturation circuit which can be used to apply 2 discrete saturation effects synonymous with transformer and valve-based designs, but with a variable control which can be exaggerated; and best of all - bypassed.


‘THUMP’ introduces a controlled low-end harmonic richness that will enable low frequencies to remain present and audible through all reproduction mediums without losing tightness in full range systems. Apply a generous amount of 'THUMP' onto your low-end sources and it will add enough low-end content to fill out any thin sources whilst always remaining tight and musical without the woolliness that you get with EQ moves.


‘CREAM’ is something very special. 'CREAM' introduces a vintage smoothness that enables your tracks to sit deep within a complex mix in a way that cannot be replicated with EQ. The ‘CREAM’ setting introduces a harmonic richness that varies entirely on the harmonic signature of the incoming source. It adds a unique 'valvey-gooeyness' in a way you haven't heard before. On drums you will notice a 'fattening' of transients resulting in more emphasis on the sustain and shell of the drum itself. On vocals, it will dynamically tame boxiness whilst adding high frequency harmonics.


Capture clean - Reamp To Taste

The Camden 500 is a reamping tool that can be used throughout the mix process for applying analogue Mojo to tracks recorded with other preamps, virtual instruments created within your DAW, or even entire mixes!

By simply by flicking Camden's "input type" switch to Line and reamping instruments through the Mojo circuit, the Camden can be used to apply THUMP and CREAM Mojo styles across a whole range of sources.

Reamp your Kick through the THUMP; Reamp your Snare Top through THUMP and Snare Bottom through CREAM; Reamp your guitars out through a generous helping of CREAM with the HPF engaged; the effects can be transformative and you might find instruments starting to sit in the mix very quickly - without an EQ in sight. 


Experience Mojo for yourself:


Manufactured In The UK

To ensure that every mic preamp that bears our name lives up to the performance we quote, all of our products are carefully manufactured, assembled, and tested in the UK.

The Camden 500 receives our final sign-off at every point of the manufacturing stage and if we can't test them all personally, we can ensure that every item gets the attention it deserves before leaving for its final destination.


Technical Specifications

  • Fully discrete custom analogue design
  • Mic, Line, and Hi-Z Input type switch for use as a Mic preamp, line driver, or DI
  • 500 series compliant module
  • -128.9dB EIN (150 Ohm Load, unweighted - the only real measurement that matters!)
  • 0.001% THD @ Max Gain (68dB)
  • 0.0002% THD @ 30dB Gain 
  • ±0.5dB Freq. Response @ 20Hz – 20kHz
  • ±1° Phase Shift @ 50Hz – 20kHz
  • Immeasurable Intermodulation Distortion
  • “Thump” and “Cream” MOJO models give a “vintage” warmth and character to your tracks
    • Thump introduces sub harmonics to increase low end richness and sustain
    • Cream dynamically increases harmonic content
  • Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the UK

The Camden 500 is currently in pre-production phase and should be available to order at your local retailer by June/July 2018.