Your Dream Studio in a Box...

Built-in 28-in/30-out USB Interface, Discrete Analogue Summing Bus and Monitor Controller.

The Cranborne 500R8 is the all-encompassing centrepiece to your studio. Not only is it the new home for 8 of your favourite 500 series modules; it is also your new 30/28 channel USB audio interface, monitor controller, ADAT expander and 8 to 2 high-quality analogue summing mixer.

The 500R8 takes analogue electronics and USB integration to the next level by utilising your favourite 500 series preamps as your very own customisable front-end directly into your DAW for recording. You can also insert EQ, Compressor, saturation and effects modules into your recordings by playing USB sources back into your modules and then record that back into your DAW. Uncompromising 127dB/121dB signal-to-noise ratio converters and ultra-low jitter internal clocking insures that every subtle analogue nuance of your preamp, microphone and performance is captured with the utmost attention to detail and with full dynamics thanks to the low-noise, high-headroom, and excellent signal to noise ratio design of the 500R8.

The 500R8 also features a plethora of monitoring features such as a fully featured Control Room facility with Speaker A/B switching, Mono Check, Dim, Talkback and Speaker mute functions as well as a zero-latency, all-analogue monitoring path taken care of by the high headroom, fully-discrete mix bus and DAW blend controls for independent mixes to both Monitor and Aux headphone outputs.When more inputs are required, the 500R8 features multiple I/O expansion options including up to 16 channels of ADAT I/O and Cranborne CAST ports to allow future expansion with other CAST enabled products via a single Cat 5 cable


  • 8-slot, high-power 500 series rack
  • 19” Rack-mountable
  • 28-in/30-out USB Audio interface
  • High-quality, 127dB/121dB signal-to-noise ratio A/D converters
  • Ultra-low jitter digital clocking
  • Module source switching options to send Analogue, USB or external CAST signals through your favourite 500 series modules
  • Fully featured Control Room facility with Speaker A/B switching, Mono Check, Dim, Talkback and Speaker mute functions.
  • Dedicated speaker A & B Outputs
  • Zero latency all-analogue monitoring facility
  • 2 headphone outputs with individual blend controls
  • Fully-discrete, custom analogue summing bus for high-headroom analogue summing with dedicated analogue output and USB send
  • 4 Cranborne CASTTM RRTT ports for future expansion
  • 1 Cranborne CASTTM AUX port for chaining monitoring and summing busses
  • 16/16 channel ADAT Interface
  • BNC Wordclock In/Out
  • Locking External Power Supply
  • Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the UK