Update On The Camden 500

The Camden 500 is quite a thing. We have trouble explaining what it is... We’ve settled on Preamp and Analogue Signal Processor.

First and foremost, Camden is a mic, line, and instrument preamp. It has extremely low-noise and ultra-low distortion at all gain settings (typ. <0.0005% THD) and is both frequency and phase-linear. It provides a punchy, powerful but linear sound that offers a perfectly neutral palette to apply analogue and digital processing.

But it’s also something more. It has Mojo - our analogue saturation circuit.

We’ve been working on our Mojo circuit extensively recently and have now finalised it. Mojo has two new modes - “Thump” and “Cream”.

“Thump” is the operative word as this saturation mode introduces low-harmonics that don’t get flabby or overwhelming with nice upper harmonics - it sounds amazing on drums, bass, vocals, synths, guitars, stereo mixes; anything you put through it will get a thicker, more present sound but with tight and accurate transients

“Cream” is a complex saturation mode that adds a wide range of harmonics and changes dramatically based on the source. But the overarching result with “Cream” is groovy, gooey, valve-y sound with a real feel. It gives instant vibe - but with British subtlety.

We’ve been blown away at our recent results with artists and producers we’ve been working with during testing. We’ve run every source through a Camden - drums, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, keys, synths, stereo mixes - and the Mojo totally transforms everything - using “Thump”, “Cream” or using both with reamping techniques produces amazing results on pretty much any source.

The Camden is much more than a preamp, it’s a signal processor that is not EQ, compression, etc - but rather a sound “betterer” with variable and tuneable saturation.


It really needs to be heard to be believed… So that’s what we want to do!

Test Drive Our Mojo Circuit For Yourself...

We’d like to extend an opportunity for anyone to “test drive” the MOJO circuit by submitting a track or source they’d like to hear through a Camden and it’s Mojo circuit.

Using the form at the bottom of the page, upload a 30 second, WAV/AIFF (24-bit, 44.1/48kHz) audio file of any instrument, bus, mix or any source material mono or stereo, and we’ll send you back the track after being reamped into a Camden with Mojo engaged and dialled to taste - with no additional processing of course.

We’d like to send the results back to you as a WAV file for you to analyse yourself, but we’d also like to post the results online so that others can hear the results for themselves. Before submitting, please make sure you are happy for us to post the file on our soundcloud playlist; we will apply any credits that you’d like - just let us know in the comment section of the form below!

It’s okay for you to be skeptical - we would be if we were in your shoes! - but we have nothing but pride for what we’ve created and we want you to feel as blown away as we are!

Please use the form at the bottom of this page if you’d like to submit your audio file to us. We think we can keep up with the demand but if this gets popular and we cannot, please bear with us and we’ll update you accordingly!

 Here's a selection of audio examples that we put together ourselves:


Test Drive Mojo Submission Form: