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We make products that we want to use. We create, innovate, and design with passion, purpose, and belief. We strive to design products that remain accessible whilst offering the highest quality and truly innovative new ways of working and achieving that sound that we all desire.

500 Series Preamps And Signal Processors

C500_34_studio_72dpiCamden 500 
An astoundingly clean, linear, transparent 500 series preamp with “Mojo” - 2 discrete custom analogue saturation circuits that can be applied, exaggerated, and perhaps best of all - bypassed. 

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USB Audio Interfaces

28/30 channel USB audio interface with high-performance conversion/clocking, monitor controller, ADAT interface, discrete analogue summing mixer, and built-in 8 slot high-current 500 series rack.

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ADAT Expanders

8 channel ADAT/SMUXII/SMUXIV expander with high-performance conversion, built-in discrete summing mixer, artist monitoring section, and built-in 8 slot high-current 500 series rack.

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Welcome to cranborne audio
Welcome to Cranborne Audio
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SOS NAMM Show Report
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